Living abroad

Find a place to live and thrive, with a community you feel you belong to.

Earn your own money

Solve problems of others by doing work you like to support yourself.

Learning skills

Your skills define your ability to navigate in any situation and the ceiling for your income.

Get the life you dream about

We are entering into a new era, where all the rules are rewritten. 

The only way to survive and thrive in the new world is by building up your skills in business and communication – fast! 

Maru Hieta 🎞️

The mission of my personal brand and business is to empower you to live a bold and free life.

Ultimately, the meaning of human life is to raise our consciousness to a higher level in honesty, transparency and collaboration.

🌎Make the world your own

We are programmed to think we are free.

But in reality we are chained to debt and running after money.

Competition, scarcity and greed have conditioned us to be afraid and obedient.

Change your mindset, and set yourself free.

🖼️ Change the frame 

Making money as a small business owner, media creative or entrepreneur are the paths to find your financial freedom.

Working for yourself, you can earn more and scale your business.

And this new opportunity is open for everyone. 

🤹 Learn the essential skills 

Your value in the market is directly tied to your ability to market yourself and the results you bring to your clients.

Your personal brand, your skills and your relationships can catapult you into a new life.

A life where living abroad is an option. Where buying a property is not a financial chain around your neck for 20 years.

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