Entrepreneur, Do you want to launch a YouTube channel?

You have a brand on social media, but you want to take it to the next level by starting a YouTube channel.

There are multiple benefits:

  • YouTube videos generate views for months and years
  • Having a presence on YT gives you more authority
  • Your message reaches more people
  • More leads to your sales funnel 


I have 150K views on YouTube and 931 subscribers. I can help you get started with what you have right now.

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My video experience? 150K views on YouTube, 100 published videos. 
Social media vanity metrics – Following across platforms:

Current count
Weekly increase
+ 0
+ Percentage
+ 0 %


What do I do? 

The goal of my brand Maru Hieta is to build a 10K following by creating useful content for other creators and solopreneurs to help them grow and make money online.

I’m working my way up to get to 10K per month income.

Where do I live? 

Currently in northern Spain with my wife, dog and cat. 

Total Social Media Following Count
LinkedIn 2214
Facebook 924
YouTube Maru Hieta 745
Instagram 329
X 306
TikTok 189
YouTube Scriiv 186
Total 4893

How do I make a living?

Freelancer since 2017. Solopreneur since 2020.

I have my own marketing & online media business, SCRIIV. I earn money by offering marketing and content creation services, such as writing, design and optimization. I’m betting everything on video content.

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